A DEEP SEEDBED CONDITIONER will ENSURE deeper & larger CROP ROOTS & SOIL BIOLOGY maximise soil & water productivity
    A DEEP SEEDBED CONDITIONER will ENSURE increased productivity with FEWER or NO soil operations prior to seeding
    A DEEP SEEDBED CONDITIONER will ENSURE deeper & larger CROP ROOTS & SOIL BIOLOGY maximise soil & water productivity
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                   DEEP SEEDBED CONDITIONING (DSC) is  simply the BEST  form of cultivation available in the  WORLD  ! !           And this is  NOT  an  exaggeration ! ! 

                                     ( ALL  the claims made on this website are based on large-scale, field-measured data,                                                     and details of these are presented in attached PDF Information Sheets. )                    

    DSC deepens & maximises the growth & proliferation of roots & soil biology, &  RETAINS  BOTH  in a near-stable, deep, loose, UN-inverted  seedbed that lasts beyond the next seeding season.

    DSC has been thoroughly tested at field scale, on a wide range of crops, over 15 years & 24 cropping seasons, on dryland & irrigation farming systems, across a wide range of soils, climatic regimes & seasonal conditions, across Australia & Pakistan.

                                          DSC was, and  ALWAYS  will be, successful.  It increased :                                                                                                                                                 –   grain yields by  24 % ;                       

                                                                 –  root mass by  >30 %  ;

                                                                 –  soil organic carbon by  48  % ;

                                                                 –  plant water extraction by  63 % 

                                                                 –  irrigation efficiency by26 % LESS water ;  faster & shorter applications ;                                                                                        > 3  times faster subbing>3 times more water in  0-300 mm depth root zone

                                                                      and it

                                                                 –  completely eliminated waterlogging ;  and

                                                                 –  substantially improved  soil fertility, soil structure, soil-water conservation                                                                                    and operational efficiencies.

    DSC is  equally effective  for  dryland   and  irrigation cropping,  and is   environmentally beneficial .

    DSC makes all  forms of cropping  more efficientmore profitable  and  more sustainable.     

    DSC has  NEVER  failed,  and  WILL  never  fail,  to increase productivity and profitability.     

    Soil and Water Productivity Improvement

    GAIN THESE SOIL & WATER PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS [See the Blogs & Technology pages for supporting data.]

    Increased Drought Resilience

    Improved Soil and Carbon Farming

    Increased Water Productivity

    Increased Productivity and Sustainabilty


    Our services provide complete, simple, and successful solutions to soil and water management challenges.  These offer farmers the opportunity to use practices and machinery that will regenerate soils and make farming truly sustainable and more profitable, by simply and cheaply increasing drought resilience, plant water use, irrigation efficiency, soil organic carbon, and production, as well as by rehabilitating compact subsoils and sodic soils.


    The patented DEEP SEEDBED CONDITIONER (DSC) allows farmers to SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE their soil and water productivity WITHOUT changing modern farming practices of no-tillage or one-pass seeding , controlled traffic and stubble retention. This page explains how the machine is able to do this and how small its impact is on current practices.


    Data are presented that show the ability of the Deep Seedbed Conditioner to create a 300 mm deep, loose and structurally stable root zone produced DRAMATICALLY LARGE improvements in IRRIGATION EFFICIENCY, CROP WATER USE EFFICIENCY, DROUGHT RESILIENCE and WATERLOGGING PREVENTION.


    Data are presented on this page that show the DSC dramatically INCREASED CROP PRODUCTION and IMPROVED the PHYSICAL, BIOLOGICAL and PLANT NUTRITIONAL fertility of soils. It has been extensively tested at FIELD SCALE over 15 YEARS, 2 CONTINENTS, across AUSTRALIA, over a WIDE RANGE OF SOILS and 24 CROPPING SEASONS, in both DRYLAND and IRRIGATION farming systems.


    DSC can be applied to ALL cropping systems and requires LITTLE or NO CHANGE to existing practices. DSC seedbed renovation can be done in TANDEM with a seeder, ensuring NO EXTRA operations. AGGRESSIVE CULTIVATION, such as pupae busting for cotton, will no longer be required, AND also, DEEP RIPPING and GYPSUM APPLICATIONS will no longer be required.


    World-leading Expertise In Agricultural Soil & Water Management

    Our Expertise in soil and water management is new, novel, innovative, successful, world-leading, simple, cheap and 100 per cent successful at a field scale.

    Exceptional Return On Investment

    Our advice and assistance represent the best value for your investment because of the size of increases in soil and water productivity, the low cost of adoption and the fact that every aspect of it is backed by published field-scale research.

    Access The Latest And Best Expertise

    You are able to easily access our world-leading expertise by exploring this website and by contacting us by phone or email or video conference.

    Dual Productivity & Environmental Benefits

    Our solutions are always environmentally beneficial because they rely on increasing the biological health of soils and the fertility and water conservation benefits that follow such improvements.

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