About Maximum Soil & Water Productivity Pty Ltd

The company was founded by Greg Hamilton. He has career-long experience in directing, managing and undertaking research and extension into soil management practices that sustainably improve the productivity of soils and water. He has worked in the central west slopes and plains of New South Wales, the wheat belt of Western Australia, the irrigation areas throughout Pakistan, and on the Darling Downs in Queensland.

Over this time and the places he has worked, he has developed a network of colleagues and associates across Australia. The research he has undertaken and directed has always focused on the application of science at a practical scale to solve soil problems and to increase soil and water productivity and profitability of farmers. His insight and skills have always been focused on developing sound, scientifically based, practical and economic improvements to management practices, as is obvious from his career achievements.

Maximum Soil & Water Productivity
Deep Blade Loosener Machine

Why Choose Us


• We possess the knowledge and experience of what is required to create and maintain soil conditions that maximise productivity and profitability.
• We are the inventors of the design of the Deep Seedbed Conditioner and know how to use it to our best advantage.
• Our skills-set, knowledge and 100 % success with the field-scale application of our technology will ensure that land managers achieve maximum productivity and profitability from their soil and water resources with the most sustainable farming practices.

  • Used field-measured soil properties to verify soil physics theory of capillary rise from shallow water tables for the purpose of reclaiming saline soils.
  • Used field-measured soil properties to verify soil physics theory of rainfall infiltration for the purpose of predicting rainfall infiltration and demonstrating the effects on it of soil management practices.
  • Used rainfall infiltration theory to predict runoff of storm rain for the purpose of designing earthworks to control and safely dispose of runoff.
  • Demonstrated the benefits of large seed size on establishment of canola in Western Australian sandy soils.
  • Demonstrated how permanent raised beds (PRB) prevent winter waterlogging of cereal crops in Western Australia.
  • Drove the adoption of PRBs to prevent winter water logging in the WA wheatbelt to ~ 400,000 ha.
  • Used soil drainage theory to demonstrate how improved soil management would allow PRB to be as wide as 3m and still drain quickly enough to prevent water logging.
  • Used soil physics, soil engineering and soil management theory to design an energy-efficient Deep Seedbed Conditioner (DSC) machine.
  • Demonstrated how the use of the DSC machine generates sustainably large increases in soil organic carbon and the productivity of compact and sodic soils.
  • Introduced PRBs and improved soil management to Pakistan to increase irrigation efficiency and productivity – currently ~ 500,000 ha, and expanding.
  • Used soil physics theory and the DSC machine to sustainably improve soil organic carbon content, productivity and irrigation efficiency of furrow, drip and spray irrigation on ALL soil types across Australia.
  • Managed the Remnant Vegetation Protection Scheme in Western Australia.

  • Director of Greening Western Australia for five years.

  • Lead organiser of two nation-wide conferences – 5th Australian Soil Conservation Conference and the 2005 Australian Controlled Traffic Farming Conference
  • BHP-Billiton Award for Western Australian Landcare Research
  • Runner-up in National Heritage Trust National Landcare Research Awards
  • Agriculture Western Australia Award for Innovation and Technical Excellence


  • Free initial consultation
  • Competitive rates for advice and assistance, for time and travel only
  • Free supply of information on all aspects of soil and water management
  • A network of experts with complementary knowledge and skills
  • Advice and assistance that maximises productivity and improves the environment


• Access to licenced manufacturers of the Deep Seedbed Conditioner ℗
• Advice on the best set-up and operation of a Deep Seedbed Conditioner ℗
• Advice and design of field layouts and structures to control runoff from dryland controlled traffic practice and to optimise applications and runoff control from irrigated lands

Environmental Stewardship

Our technology is the World’s best for making cropping sustainable. It actually improves soil, optimises water use and maximises water conservation.